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We have the skills to provide industrial cleaning services.

Keeping a building clean is always a challenge, but it’s a more unique challenge when it comes to an industrial building. Industrial spaces tend to be very large, and they generally house lots of heavy machinery or other equipment that can’t be cleaned with traditional methods. In other words, industrial cleaning requires special skill and experience to complete thoroughly and safely. If you need experienced professionals to provide industrial cleaning at your facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you can put your trust in our team at Interstate Contract Cleaning Services.

Industrial Cleaning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We have many years of experience in industrial cleaning, so we know how to meet your needs. Of course, your industrial facility isn’t exactly the same as any other, so we will never serve you with an inadequate, one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we will take the time to learn your facility and its cleaning needs as we create a customized plan and schedule. In addition, you can count on exceptional results because our team members are dedicated to working with attention to detail.

We have everything we need to deliver the industrial cleaning services you need. Our firm is CIMS-GB certified with honors, which means we can assist you in making your facility LEED certified. We even use special software to keep track of which tasks have been completed. It’s called Otuvy, and it makes the industrial cleaning process more efficient, especially in complex facilities.

Contact us today to discuss industrial cleaning for your facility.

At Interstate Contract Cleaning Services, we offer industrial cleaning services in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Plano, Texas.


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