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What is Industrial Cleaning?

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Just like standard office buildings, factories, self-storage buildings, power plants, and manufacturing facilities need to be cleaned, but these spaces require specialized cleaning services that fall under the category of industrial cleaning.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Many industrial environments today are busy, high-traffic places, whether they manufacture products during every hour of the day or store goods until removal or shipment. Industrial cleaning involves thorough, consistent cleaning using specialized techniques and tools, a process typically handled by a cleaning team trained to working in industrial spaces.

In industrial settings, debris and dirt can accumulate at a rapid pace. It is important to remove this dirt and debris frequently to prevent harm to workers and the expensive machinery often found in industrial environments. The industrial cleaning team you hire should be up for the task of meeting these specialized cleaning needs, helping you achieve a pristine workspace to minimize hazards and protect your employees.

Some common industrial cleaning services include power washing and loading dock cleaning; heavy-duty equipment cleaning; floor cleaning, stripping, and sealing; industrial carpet and upholstery cleaning; and window and glass cleaning. It can also include construction debris removal, restroom cleaning, trash removal, and exhaust system cleaning.

At Interstate Contract Cleaning Services, our team can provide care and proper attention to detail at your industrial facility without interrupting production. Schedule a consult or find out more about our industrial cleaning services by reaching out to us today.