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What Goes Into Institutional Cleaning? [infographic]

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Here at Interstate Contract Cleaning Services, we provide expert institutional cleaning. Maintaining proper hygiene is important for any workplace, as anywhere that people gather in large numbers is at an increased risk for contagion, but it is especially important in places like healthcare facilities or similar institutions. Our team understands the importance of keeping these facilities clean, and we have the right experience and training to do so effectively. In this article, we’ll briefly go over the basics of what institutional cleaning involves so that you get a better idea of what this process is like and why it’s a good idea to have professionals take care of it for you.

we provide expert institutional cleaning

Institutional cleaning tasks can be divided into two categories: light-duty or daily tasks vs. heavy-duty or deep cleaning tasks.

  • Daily or Light Duty Cleaning- For light-duty cleaning, the main method used is to wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth treated with a highly diluted cleaner. This method removes a significant portion of both organic and inorganic soils and allows for rapid cleaning to keep your surfaces within acceptable appearance levels. While light-duty cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean appearance, it can’t completely stop the accumulation of soils, and so must be paired with more intense methods for maximum effectiveness.
  • Deep or Heavy-Duty Cleaning- When soil accumulates beyond acceptable parameters, our institutional cleaning team will turn to deep or heavy-duty cleaning methods. These methods involve the use of more concentrated cleaning agents to dissolve and loosen embedded soil, as well as scrubbing or abrasion to aid in detaching these particles. We then flush the soil away, along with any cleaner residue, and thoroughly dry the surface.

What Goes Into Institutional Cleaning?