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Our team is prepared to handle the unique challenges and requirements of industrial cleaning.

At Interstate Contract Cleaning Services, we provide the essential cleaning and janitorial services that businesses need, allowing owners, operators, and staff to focus on other tasks that make their business successful. Our team is equipped to handle the needs of a diverse range of businesses, including industrial facilities, and we understand that industrial cleaning is in a league of its own. However, with our help, keeping your facility clean is easily achievable.

Industrial Cleaning in Asheville, North Carolina

We work exclusively with businesses and industrial facilities, and since our inception in 1996, we have been family-owned and operated. As a family business, we genuinely care about meeting our customer’s needs and providing the essential cleaning services they need. We’re proud to take some of the burden of running a business off your shoulders, and you can rest assured that your facilities will be in good hands with our highly trained and certified team members.

Regularly assessing how our services can improve is an integral part of our business model. We use Otuvy software to generate reports on our services, which helps us ensure we’re on track and allows us to identify areas where we may be able to offer additional assistance. For example, we offer standard janitorial services, but our industrial cleaning services can also accommodate special services, such as deep cleaning, emergency or biohazard cleaning, construction clean-ups, and more. We’re always happy to work with you to create a schedule of services that meet your needs, and with a staff of over 1,500 employees, we’re prepared to handle any industrial cleaning tasks your facility may need.

Industrial cleaning presents unique challenges, but our skilled team is more than prepared to take them on. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist you and how our services can benefit your Asheville, North Carolina business operations, contact our office today!

At Interstate Contract Cleaning Services, we offer industrial cleaning services in Charlotte, Asheville and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Plano, Texas.