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What is Involved in Institutional Cleaning?

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Here at Interstate Contract Cleaning Services, we offer institutional cleaning services. This covers any facility outside the home, including restaurants, universities, hospitals, medical facilities, etc. As highly trafficked facilities, they require more intensive cleaning than other commercial spaces.

What is Involved in Institutional Cleaning?

Here is what is typically involved in institutional cleaning.

  • Concentrated cleaning agents: Institutional spaces usually have stricter cleaning codes to keep the community and guests healthy despite all the germs that could be floating around. That’s why our institutional cleaning services often involve deeper cleaning with more concentrated cleaning agents. That way, we can get the facilities as clean and sanitized as possible, even if it requires a little extra elbow grease.
  • Focus on key touch points: Institutional spaces also tend to have a larger volume of key touch points than other commercial spaces, and those commonly touched surfaces often harbor germs and dirt that could make your guests or clients sick. Our institutional cleaning services focus on cleaning and sanitizing these key touch points, including light switches, door handles, keyboards, tabletops, and more.
  • Routine cleaning: We will also focus on the routine cleaning of basic surfaces like your floors. No matter the amount of foot traffic your floors endure, we can effectively remove any tough amounts of stains or soil from your floors and other surfaces to make them pristine.

We pay close attention to the strict cleaning codes and any specific requirements of your institution during our institutional cleaning services. You can trust that we will always leave you with a facility that is safe and clean for any of your guests or clients. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.