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Industrial Cleaning 101

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One of the many services we offer here at Interstate Contract Cleaning Services is industrial cleaning. In other words, we can help you keep your industrial facility and equipment spotless, as well as help you maintain workplace safety. Below, we will go over a few basic tips on proper industrial cleaning to help you keep your facility and your team safe.

Industrial Cleaning 101

•  Remove Clutter- The first thing you should do as part of your industrial cleaning efforts is remove any clutter from your work floor. If there are empty boxes, stacks of papers, bags, spare parts, or anything else lying around, there is an increased risk of trip, slip, and fall accidents. To ensure your workers can stay safe and continue to do their jobs effectively, we recommend that you get rid of this clutter.

•  Use Proper Storage- Building on our last point, we encourage you to use proper storage containers and methods for all the items and materials in your facility. Having a place for everything will prevent clutter from building up in the first place, and it will keep everything neatly out of the way so people don’t trip over it.

•  Eliminate Fire Hazards- Another key step in the industrial cleaning process is to identify and remove any fire hazards. Loose items such as papers, boxes, and crates are highly flammable, which is another reason not to leave them lying around. In addition, we encourage you to use proper storage areas for any flammable materials your operation uses and regularly clean your facility to get rid of dust.

•  Deep Clean- Of course, the most important part of industrial cleaning is to thoroughly clean the facility and equipment itself. Over time, dust will inevitably build up on your surfaces, and dust is a serious fire hazard that needs to be removed. Our team has the right experience to deliver the thorough, deep clean your facility needs.