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How Often Does Your Building Actually Need
Office Cleaning?

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In an ideal world, you would have someone come in and clean your office thoroughly every night after your employees leave for the day. But the cost of this can quickly add up, and chances are, you might not need professional office cleaning every single day, depending on what type of business you run.

How Often Does Your Building Actually Need Office Cleaning?

When our clients ask for recommendations about how often we should come, we tell them it completely depends on how much use your office gets throughout the week. For example, if your employees only come in every day, sit at their desks, visit the break room and bathrooms a few times, and trek to the conference room, you may only need office cleaning on a weekly basis. Beyond that, you will want to have your office deep cleaned, including the tile, grout, upholstery, drapes, and carpets, once every six months or so.

If your office receives heavy traffic not only from employees, but from clients, suppliers, and passersby, you’re going to need office cleaning on a more frequent basis. You may also need to have regular deep cleanings done once every month to prevent stains, dust, and dirt buildup.

Whatever office cleaning schedule you decide on, having us come in regularly and clean your workspace can help you retain employees, prevent the spread of disease, improve productivity, and help your floors and carpets last longer. We’d be happy to help you come up with a custom office cleaning schedule for your building, so contact us today.